The legacy of the WCA athletic program is measured by more than just the wins and losses our teams experience. We believe a successful athletic program nurtures and fosters good citizens and tomorrow's leaders. Our coaches treat all athletes with respect and have the student’s best interest at heart. Coaches encourage athletes to develop their God-given talents and abilities through competitive play, while stressing the importance of playing in a God-honoring way. All skill levels are welcome. Coaches work to meet the needs of the athlete playing for the first time as well as the athlete aspiring to play at the high school level and beyond.

Warner Christian Academy offers students the opportunity to participate in voluntary interscholastic competition. Students compete at the Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity level. Participation in athletics at WCA means more than competition between individuals or teams representing different high schools. We believe athletics is critical to the education of our students. It is on the athletic fields and courts where lessons such as teamwork, overcoming obstacles and adversity, sacrifice, and selflessness are best taught. It teaches that to quit means failure, while to work hard means success. On behalf of the athletic department, we welcome you to the challenge of Eagles Athletics.

Participation on an athletic team is a PRIVILEGE that is extended to every student who is eligible under regulations set up by the State of Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) and Warner Christian Academy. With every privilege goes responsibility. The conduct of an EAGLE athlete will be closely observed by many people. An athlete is a representative of their team, school and the community. Therefore, an EAGLE athlete will be expected to conduct themselves at all times and in all places like a gentleman or lady.