As a Christian school we desire our families and overall ministry to reflect “Christ-likeness.” Although a handbook is perceived to be a listing of policies and procedures, we desire for it to also reflect the spirit of this ministry. Regulations defining appropriate school attire are not presented from a spirit of legalism, but rather in an effort to support what is most often a desire from the home for young people to maintain modesty, neatness and discretion. In addition, studies have shown that appearance, dress and grooming make the school atmosphere more conducive to a focus on academics and learning. We believe that with proper parental reinforcement of family expectations in conjunction with school standards, our students will look distinctively great!


The school administration will make the final decision about what is acceptable or unacceptable if a disagreement should occur.

Normal school attire consists of a student uniform purchased through Blazin Creationz. New uniforms can be purchased directly through Blazin Creationz or “gently used” items may be found at the White Chapel Thrift Shop.

The official school uniform consists of the following:

  • Red, white or navy long-sleeved or short-sleeved knit shirts with the WCA logo.
  • GIRLS: Navy or khaki capris, pants or walking shorts (one inch of pinch-able, loose fabric must be present on each outer leg seam)
  • BOYS: Navy or khaki pants or walking shorts

School uniforms must fit properly. Uniform apparel must not be too loose-fitting or body-tight.


Personal Grooming

  • Must be maintained in modesty and good taste.
  • Neatly trimmed beards and mustaches will be permitted.
  • For girls, excessive amounts of make-up and/or jewelry are not to be worn.


  • Boys’ hair may not reach the eyes, cover the bottom of the ear and must be tied in the back if the length exceeds the bottom of the shirt collar.
  • Hairstyles cannot be distracting. Hair color must look natural. Some unacceptable examples include but are not limited to, Mohawks, lines or shapes cut into the hair or eyebrows.
  • Boys’ hair may not be adorned with any items.


  • Dress shoes, casual shoes, boots and tennis shoes are acceptable.
  • Sandals must fasten securely around the heel.
  • Flip-flops and bedroom slippers are not acceptable.
  • Lace-up athletic shoes are required for PE classes.


  • Students must be dressed for school prior to entering the building.
  • Undershirts must be solid navy, red, white, gray or black with no pictures or words. Undershirts may not hang below uniform shirts. Pants and/or shirts must fit and be worn properly. Pants shall be worn above the hips. No Cargo pants or pants with elastic at the ankle will be permitted. Pants may not contain spandex or “form-fitting” fabric.
  • Uniforms may not be altered in any way including rolling the hem or waistband up or down.
  • Uniform shorts may not be shorter than 3” from the top of the knee.
  • No bandanas of any color are permitted to be worn, even as headwear, during school or at any school function.


  • All outerwear worn indoors (sweaters, hoodies, or sweatshirts) must be solid red, navy, white, black or gray with no writing, pictures or graphics. WCA issued outerwear is permissible.
  • Hats, hoods and sunglasses are not permitted to be worn inside buildings.

Body Markings:

  • Offensive body markings (temporary or permanent) are not permitted to be visible during the school day or at any school function.
  • Piercing of any kind, other than ear piercing (maximum of two per ear) are not to be visible. The school is not liable for any injury, whether accidental or intentional, resulting from piercings.

Athletic Events and Activities:

  • At all times, general dress code standards regarding modesty and jewelry will be enforced. This applies at athletic and co-curricular events both on campus and away.
  • Students will wear standard uniform dress for all field trips unless special permission is granted by an administrator.

**The following displays are prohibited at any school function:

  • Visible midriff or cleavage
  • Strapless tops
  • Immodest shorts, skirts, or dresses
  • Excessively tight - fitting clothing
  • Inappropriate or offensive messages/symbols on clothing or hats
  • Boys must wear shirts at all times while on campus.
  • Dresses, skirts or shorts shorter than 3 inches from the top of the knee.
  • Bandanas of any color

**Students may be asked to leave any event if inappropriately dressed.


Special blue-jean or t-shirt days will be announced. Jeans may not have holes, be ragged or tight-fitting. The only shorts that are acceptable are the uniform shorts. T-shirts are to have a Christian logo/message. WCA shirts are acceptable. Other special T-shirt days or dress down days may be designated throughout the school year. Students must bring uniform shorts/pants to school on specially designated jean days in case jeans are deemed to be out of dress code. Students who violate the requirements of jean and T-shirt days will lose the privilege of future participation in dress down activities.


Families need to prepare for cold weather. Standard dress code will apply on ALL school days, unless there is a special event, regardless of weather conditions. If you are concerned about falling temperatures, make sure that you have purchased long khaki pants and a legal sweatshirt. There will be NO special jeans days for cold weather!