Discovery Program for Grades K-12

Warner Christian′s Discovery program, associated with the National Institute for Learning Development ( is dedicated to meeting the needs of students identified with a learning deficit.

The Discovery Program is a cognitive educational therapy that works to remediate specific processing deficits that have been identified through academic and cognitive testing. This includes memory skills, auditory processing, visual and motor processing and cognitive fluency. Discovery provides individual educational therapy for students during the school day with a specially trained educational therapist.*

Students with diagnosed learning deficits may qualify for accommodations and/or modifications in their classroom instruction (modifications, a change in curriculum, will be denoted on transcripts). Modifications are only available through eighth grade.

The Discovery program is recognized as a high school course by the State of Florida and is graded for credit towards the high school diploma as an elective.

* There is an added tuition for this program

For Further information about the Discovery program at Warner,
please contact:

Mrs. Leah Braun, Director of Special Services

386-767-5451 (ext. 249)

Scholarship information is available through the registrar′s office. Please call Mrs. Tiffany McFarran at 386-767-5451 (ext. 240).

Virtual Learning Center

The Virtual Learning Center is using 21st century technology with a Christian curriculum and teachers to provide students with a positive learning experience while working towards a standard high school diploma.

The purpose of the Virtual Center (VC) is to provide and optional setting for students with scheduling needs and diverse learners that need an alternative learning environment to be academically successful.

The VC uses a computer based education curriculum (Ignitia, Alpha and Omega publications). Each subject is divided into units, ten representing a year's work. Each unit consists of lessons, quizzes, projects and tests. A grade is given for each piece of the unit.

The VC provides instruction between teachers and the students. The teachers assist the students with the lessons as necessary and provide small group instruction for core subjects. Programming uses include: Advanced electives for college bound students, advanced placement courses, grade replacement, required course makeup for students entering Warner from a different scheduling format (block scheduling) and students with individual needs which may include learning disabilities, long-term illnesses or health impairments. All core subjects are taught in small group instruction by accredited teachers.

The Virtual Center is by invitation only from school personnel in cooperation with the parents and students.

For more information contact:

Mrs. Leah Braun, Director of Special Services

386-767-5451 (ext. 249)